Our Mission

The Idaho DUI Coalition is a Formal 501(c)(3) Coalition. Our mission is to provide awareness, prevention, outreach, enforcement and victim support concerning impaired drivers. 


Educating the community on the consequences of consuming alcohol, drugs and texting while driving.


Providing workshops, providing public information, working to reduce repeat DUI offenders.​


To advocate for supportive legislation, partnering with law enforcement and other DUI preventative programs.​


Support actions for law enforcement award programs, grants, training and officer recognition.​

Victim Support

Providing immediate support to survivors and families of DUI crashes.

Donation Support

All donations go toward taking action against driving under the influence.

North Idaho DUI Task Force

We partner with law enforcement officials to help in the training of individuals to help recognize impaired drivers. The Coalition participates in DUI offenders court appearances when possible to ensure proper sentencing and justice. Below are the members of our task force, and our list is still growing.

Impaired Driving Statistics